Aeroseal duct service works on undetected tiny holes and seams to seal all of them. The survey report says that the average house can have 35-40% duct leakage, which negatively responds and allows dust, debris, and grime to enter the place through the system and decreases energy efficiency.

How aeorseal duct sealing works

Our sealing service uses quantum leap technology to seal the joints and seams in the ductwork to prevent air leakage. This action aids in preventing the loss of cool or heated air by enhancing the efficiency of the HVAC system. This loss also results in higher energy costs. The sealing process is basically finished using mastic, a viscous adhesive used to seal the joint and seams of the duct entirely. The sticky material is allowed to dry completely to form a strong seal for the prevention of air leakage.

Method of Air duct sealing

We follow a professional method for testing with the help of advanced equipment conjoins to the duct to measure leakage.


  1. Look at each and inspect the duct to check visible signs by climbing on the attic or basement. If a tape is fixed inside, check that part; this indicates that the leaking part was vulnerably stuck before. 
  2. After visual scrutiny, switch off the HVAC system to stop the airflow during the testing process.
  3. Seal all the duct work except one air grille to insert the pressure in the system.
  4. A blaster fan is placed in the air supply area, and a pressure index is associated with the blaster fan.
  5. When the fan across the ductwork forces the air, technicians calculate the pressure level in the associated meter.
  6. After measuring the pressure, engineers compute the degree of airflow by testing data and compare with the entire quantity of air the HVAC system produces. 
  7. This whole testing process helps the technicians to determine the exact spot and size of leakage. They also mark or circle the area, which makes it easy to find again.
  8. Specialized engineers do mastic-sealed work or inject aerosol sealant into your duct, which is non-toxic and approved by UL. This tested injection process successfully seals all the holes, cracks, or gaps up to 5/8 inches.

This professional testing helps prevent any big damage, treat 90 to 99% of the problem, and improve the overall cooling and heating capacity by up to 40%.

What factors make Aeroseal the best choice?

  • In the process, we use non-poisonous and environmental-friendly sealants and binders, the same material used in pacifiers and chicle or chewing gums. 
  • Effectively block the boles up to 5/8 inch or about a quarter of the size.
  • We ranked by EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as the top three solutions to save energy for your property.
  • Our job only takes 7 to 8 hours to complete the task.
  • We provide ten years of warranty on our service.
  • 90 to 99% chances of no leakage.
  • Boosts up to 40% capacity of cooling and heating.
  • The average return on investment across the country is between two and five years.
Reasons for using Aeroseal duct sealing

Investing in Aeroseal duct sealing reduces the electricity cost, enhances the quality of ambience, and prevents you from costly repairs due to massive damage in your system. It is an excellent option for all businesses and homeowners. We have revolutionized the way we perform our repair and maintenance work. Our service is a piece of evidence to exemplary results, and our group of experts is enlightened from the complexities of HVAC equipment, and we take advantage of patent breakthrough technology which helps us to deliver top-notch solutions and proven results to all property owners.

The holes in the duct are the primary reason for penetrating the unconditioned air with the climate air; that’s why more energy is consumed. The leaky system also provokes sinus congestion, asthma, and other allergic symptoms by allowing dust and ground-level ozone into the passage. The debris clogs the filter and decreases air movement through the furnace, which results in further damage.


We want you to feel the freshness and comfortableness in your place; we don’t want you constantly flow your money on continuously arising problems. That’s why we offer a top-grade troubleshooting solution utilizing ultra-modern technological equipment and tools, which is affordable for every owner in the USA after completing the job. We also give tips and suggestions for better future survival.


We are completely able to work from the inside out, to shut all the holes and gaps by using an adhesive that provides salvation from the worries of leakage and extends the durability. We feel pride in our excellent reputation in the industry. As we are available round-the-clock, our professional group serves quick assistance and inconvenience and minimizes downtime. Whether you are searching for a complex or simple review of the duct, our team is here! 

10-year warranty:

With our 10-year warranty, we proudly stand in the industry. Our experts are present to seal heating service and seal conditioning units and repair all the leaks to satisfy the customer on every job. We have received countless aeroseal reviews from all our ex-customers. Our product has been tested by UL and gets matured in government lab research. In addition, we guarantee our sealant products exceed the standards outlined in the datasheet. Our licensed service has been defects-free in residential applications for ten years.



Aeroseal LLC reimburses the dealers for the direct and documented cost of repair if in case any issue arises with the product performance. However, we don’t consider the responsibility for any unintentional property damage. Kindly note that few laws of the state don’t allow for the incorporation of random and incidental damage.